Whiter teeth can work wonders for your self-confidence. With our effective take-home whitening system, you can erase stains accumulated over the years, whether from coffee, tea, tobacco, medications, or simply the natural aging process. Take-home teeth whitening is a long-lasting, economical solution to the problem of yellowed, darkened, or dingy teeth.

Teeth Whitening Options

Take-home teeth whitening includes custom-designed trays created to fit your unique smile. The trays ensure even, blotch-free results, and they can be reused for regular touch ups. Whitening works best when the bleaching solution stays on the teeth for extended periods of time, which is why we prefer this method to in-office systems.

After whitening, you can maintain a bright smile by avoiding common stain-causing culprits. These include red wine, coffee, tobacco, red sauces, Kool-Aid, and any dark-colored food or beverage. It can take several years to accumulate noticeable stains, but if your teeth lose their desired luster, simply visit our Waverly office again, and we’ll refill your professional teeth-whitening solution.

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