Getting a root canal isn’t always the most pleasant experience, but it’s necessary to promote optimal oral health. Amberly Dental root canal therapy allows patients to keep a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Root canals are often misunderstood, so let’s clear things up.

Root Canal Process

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves removing diseased pulp tissue from the interior of a tooth. Bacteria and additional infections can occur resulting in a painful toothache. Nobody likes a toothache, especially Dr. Vacek, which is why a root canal procedure is often necessary to alleviate discomfort. The procedure begins with tooth disinfection and the removal of all debris (nerve tissue, lymph tissue, blood tissue, bacteria and infection) from the coronal pump chamber and its associated canals. Once an affected tooth’s canals are sufficiently cleaned and shaped, they are filled with materials designed to prevent pain and infection from recurring.

Please note that not all toothaches are created equal. Root canal Waverly recommends keeping an eye out for these symptoms before making an appointment. These include:

  • Minimal to severe pain
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swelling & irritation in the surrounding gum tissue
  • Signs of infection visible on a radiograph

Tooth Extraction Basics

In more extreme cases, your tooth may need to come out. A tooth extraction, or having teeth “pulled”, is among patients’ most dreaded procedures. Also referred to as exodontia, tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. Before extraction is considered, every effort will be made to try to repair and restore your tooth. If all other options have been exhausted, tooth extraction is necessary. Here are reasons for why this procedure is necessary:

  • Severe tooth damage/trauma
  • Malpositioned/nonfunctioning teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Extra teeth
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Organ transplant

Tooth extraction Waverly provides gentle care for our patients. Dr. Vacek can remove teeth that have been damaged or decayed in a procedure known as a simple extraction. Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are visible in the mouth and it’s the most common type of extraction method.

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