If you are in need of a “deep cleaning” or Scaling and Root Planing, you have one or more affected sites with active periodontal disease. Periodontal disease starts when inflammation has occurred and your body is activity fighting against the bacteria causing “periodontal pockets” and bone loss.

Periodontal disease, otherwise referred to as “gum disease” is common and effects two-thirds or more of the population over the age of 35. Gum disease, like many diseases cannot be treated, but maintained or controlled. We control gum disease by debriding the pockets under the gums of biofilm, bacteria and tarter deposits. Once the affected areas have been cleaned, together as a team we work to keep these areas clean and maintained.

Proper homecare and “perio maintenance” appointments are key to maintaining periodontal disease. Perio maintenance appointments differ from routine prophy appointments because we continue to clean under the gums. We keep these type of appts until affected areas show no continuing signs of gum disease or inflammation. Studies show 3-4 month recalls are key for maintaining active periodontal disease.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How Did I Get Gum Disease?

Gum disease is common. Everyone has millions of bacteria in the mouth, many which are capable of causing periodontal destruction. We begin acquiring bacteria in our mouth the minute our first tooth erupts. Susceptibility or genetics as well as environmental factors play a role in developing gum disease. Similarly to heart disease, some factors we can control in reducing our risk or aggressiveness. Making overall healthy choices such diet, exercise, avoiding tobacco and other drugs, as well as keeping good oral hygiene and making routine health and dental appointments all can reduce your risk.

Will I Ever Get Rid of My Gum Disease?

Once we acquire periodontal disease it does not “go away.” Periodontal disease is actually caused by our own immune response to bacteria in the mouth. Once we have had an active site of periodontal destruction, our body will remember the bacteria when/if it reappears. If that bacteria proliferates again (i.e. infrequent cleanings, poor homecare, stress, etc…) that site will begin producing the active immune response of inflammation and destruction.

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