ThinkstockPhotos-161745943If you are missing one tooth or several teeth you know it can greatly affect your ability to chew certain foods and even your quality of life. Studies show that missing teeth lead to loss of bone in the jaw and consequences that often lead to the loss of adjacent teeth. Additional studies show that missing teeth not only affect chewing and esthetics but can also lead to anxiety and even depression.

Dr. Vacek understands your frustration and offers a solution. Implants closely mimic your original dentition in form and function. Most dental professionals consider it the best way to restore a missing tooth.

Tooth Replacement Options

Whether it’s one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth we have an option to replace the original function with dental implants. If you have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants we encourage you to come in for a consult. Using three dimensional imaging and the latest planning technology we can now place implants in many situations that were not possible in the past.

Why Choose Amberly Dental

implantsFor each case we use state of the art three dimensional imaging and surgical guides to place implants in the precise position while avoiding any critical anatomy. Basically, we perform each surgery on a computer before we do on a patient. Many times this allows a non-invasive and fast surgery.

I firmly believe an implant is the best way to replace a missing tooth and I’ve invested in the technology and education to perform the highest quality of care possible. I recently read a website claiming it improbable that one person could become an expert at both placing and restoring implants. That is, they think one person should surgically place the implant and another should put a tooth on that implant. I couldn’t disagree more. I feel no one should place an implant unless they have a comprehensive understanding of how the implant is going to be restored. After all, no one wants an implant, they want teeth.

-Timothy Vacek, DDS

Dental Implant Pricing

At Amberly Dental we realize high fees are a large barrier to care. In an effort to help we’ve created straightforward and clear pricing that includes the entire process from start to finish. Many times an implant can be placed for the same price, if not less than, a bridge. In addition, we have bundle options for multiple implants that can make premium treatment affordable. Financing is available and an initial implant consult is always free.


The videos below are excellent at explaining the consequences of missing teeth, different options, and the process of restoring a tooth with an implant.