There’s nothing worse than a loose denture. It can prevent you from eating healthy foods and curb your desire to smile. Your trusted dentist, Dr. Tim Vacek, understands your frustration and offers a solution. Implant-retained dentures and partials are firmly secured in the jaw bone, so you can once again eat the foods you love and smile with full confidence.

When teeth fall out or are removed, the roots come with them. This causes the bone and gum tissue to shrink, so your denture may feel loose and need readjusting over time. Dental implants work like tooth roots. They stimulate bone and tissue growth and hold your denture in place. In many cases, current dentures can be altered to accommodate the implant posts Dr. Vacek places in the jaw bone.

In addition to traditional dental implants, we also offer mini dental implants. These toothpick-sized fixtures can be placed directly below the gum line in a single, non-invasive procedure. The denture is stabilized that same day. Mini dental implants are perfect for patients who cannot have implant surgery or who lack adequate bone structure for full-sized implants.

Talk to Dr. Vacek about your denture options today. You don’t have to live with insecure dentures or an insecure smile. We can provide you with a custom solution that suits your lifestyle and budge.